ABB Drive HealthCheck with Service Plan

15-20yearsHave you got critical plant that has to keep working?

When you need to secure your production you need to know your equipment will keep working. An ABB Drive HealthCheck could be the answer.

We will come to your site and access your drive population.

We will record present drives and perform the following Drive HealthCheck Tasks for you. All work carried out by ABB trained and certified Engineers.

DrivePlanServiceRecord Serial Numbers
Register on our Online Database tool
Thermal imaging of Drives and Motors available
Check Fans and replace if needed
Test Connections
Clean Filters and replace as necessary
Download Parameters and Store Electronically for you
Send you a copy for your Records
Create Action Plan for your Company Drive Population


See when ABB recommend Preventative maintenance for your Drives. Call us for assistance if required, we stock these fans for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     MotorThermals  NEWigbtS Spares spares

Contact us to arrange your own companies Drive HealthCheck

Example Report extract

 Lighting Store F418 1101700665 ACS550-01-087A-4+B055 45 87 02/07/2012 Y/SAVED
Lighting Store F402 1101372588 ACS550-01-125A-4+B055 55 125 02/07/2012 Y/SAVED

Drive HealthCheck is just one of many Drive ServiceOptions you have available for you to keep your production working