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Get your own Tailored Service Plan

Get your own Tailored Service Plan

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Every ABB product has a 20-year recommended maintenance schedule highlighting the intervals required for inspection / repair / replace of components to ensure your Variable Speed Drive remains in good working order.

Compliance with these key steps of product replacement ensures the validity of your warranty.

Register your drives to get started with your own Tailored Service Plan

We Service our Cars every year  – ABB Recommend you do the same with your Investment in Drives.

  1. Miles per annum = Hours Run per annum
  2. Think Oil Change, Think ABB Fan change in your Drive.
  3. Keep It Cool, Keep It Clean.

ABB recommended regime for Preventative maintenance for your Drives.

Call us for assistance if required, we stock these fans for you.

Typical Service Intervals recommended by ABB, just like our cars, based on run hours per year

  • 3 year, 18000 hours service~ Typical internal drive fan and inspection and clean
  • 6 year, 36000 hours service~ Typical internal drive fan and main Cooling fan change, inspection and clean
  • 9 year, 54000 hours service~ Typical internal drive fan, main Cooling fan change and Capacitors Change, inspection and clean

ABB recommends annual drive inspections to ensure the highest reliability and optimum performance

Life cycle management

Sentridge Control follow the ABB  four-phase model for managing the life cycles of its drives. The life cycle phases are Active, Classic, Limited and Obsolete. The services offering is defined for every drive separately. The availability of individual services depends on the drive’s life cycle phase.


The four-phase drive life cycle management model provides you with a transparent method for managing your investment in drives. In each phase, you clearly see what life cycle services are available, and more importantly, what services are not available. Decisions on upgrading, retrofitting or replacing drives can be made with confidence.We can help you with that.

Once we have registered your ABB Drives on line we can give you a complete schedule of maintenance, your own Tailored Service Plan in accordance to ABB recommended guidelines.

We will tell you when your drives need a service, we will come to your site and carry out the required work and back up a full history of what has been done on  line at ABB to give you complete peace of mind.

Contact us today and we will organise your own Tailored Service Plan

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