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Why Register your drives for ServicePlan?

Why Register your drives for ServicePlan?

Where is your drive in its life cycle? Register it with us today and we can tell you!

Sentridge Control will can carry out a life cycle assessment and the purpose of this assessment is to define measures to be taken for lowering operational costs, improving productivity, reducing environmental impact and enhancing safety. We can  advise you on the best way forward to keep your drives (and applications) running smoothly. Our ServicePLAN offering will support your business’ needs through a long-term drive maintenance and improvement plan, ensuring your drives are running at the optimum and most energy performance possible.

Sentridge Control and ABB believe in managing your Drive population throughout its life, predicting when maintenance is required and when products eventually become obsolete. Using years of data collected from customers like yourselves, this comprehensive  lifecycle model allows detailed predictive planning to be formulated for your plant.

There are 4 phases in this Service Plan to consider

Current Drive families. See ABB Drive Life Programme. Product is in Active Sales and Manufacturing phase.Full range of LifeCycle Services available. Migration from Limited to new products easily achieved

Serial Production has ceased. Product may still be available. ServicePLAN helps you focus on drive reliability and performance.  Please consider this is the time for UpGrades as best route to maintain productivity

Product is no longer available. Examples are ACS600, ACS400, ACS300, ACS140. Spare parts limited to available stock. Migration to current ACTIVE product is highly recommended as spares may prove expensive in this phase

Spares are scarce and maybe no longer available.Many ABB Drives are supported for over 20 years but availability cannot be guaranteed. We will recommend UpGrade to latest ranges and complete integration into your existing system for you.

Once you let us have your Drive Population list we will deliver you an ongoing ServicePLAN for your company.  We can arrange to come to your site and create your site map for you.

We are told by customers, that our ServicePLAN,  not only helps them budget maintenance costs, but also helps them plan for future drive upgrades, retrofits and replacements.

If you have any questions about registering your ABB drive, please contact us.

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