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Our History

Our History

Sentridge Control was founded in 1986 to serve a booming local market of machine tools and automotive markets in Coventry the eighth largest UK City. our Motto was Serious About Service, and still is today.

Our customers were all household names famous in Coventry and around the world.

They included

GEC in Coventry and Rugby | Massey Ferguson | Dunlop Wheel | Alfred Herbert | Motor Panels | Matrix Churchill | Rolls Royce Jaguar Cars | Webster and Bennett | Renold Chain | Courtaulds Matrix Churchill | Morris Engines | British Leyland |
Triumph Cycles | Wickman Machine | Chrylser which became Peugeot

How that has changed, a lot of these companies have disappeared from our local landscape. A story that can be told in many cities in the UK.

We specialised in the sale of motor control products used in these industries and as business needs changed we adapted to supply a whole host of general products as well. This was an era of supplier reduction and baskets of goods got bigger and more generalised.

Along the way we attracted franchises from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We have been a Siemens control gear partner since we started out 30 years ago as an example.

Sentridge Control become one of ABB’s leading Drives partners in the UK and are proud founder members of the ABB Drives Alliance, a unique delivery vehicle formed in 2000 to offer clients a complete drives service around the UK. This service has now developed further to become known as the ABB Authorised Value Provider programme.

Change seems to be our only constant.