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Challenge Phil

Challenge Phil

Sentridge Control is laying down the gauntlet for you to “Challenge Phil” to save you money on energy bills without compromising on production processes.

Phil, aka Phil Tomkinson, is an experienced Electrical Engineer who has spent the past 20 years applying the latest technology to help manufactures reduce energy bills by thousands of pounds each year, whilst at the same time improving production processes.

Phil Tomkinson explains more about the Challenge, “I visit manufacturers regularly and understand the pressures they are under to keep energy costs down and production processes running smoothly.

Many applications rely heavily on a fan or motor and it can be a challenge to understand how these can be made more efficient without affecting your output.

The fan or motor is often run at full capacity and a damper is then used to control speed – in real terms this is equivalent to driving your car with the accelerator to the floor and using your handbrake to control the speed of the car. This makes no sense, and you wouldn’t contemplate it. So now let’s consider your production application.”

“I have been working with ABB’s Variable Speed Drive technology for many years and our clients never fail to be impressed by the difference a drive can make for them. Using an inverter drive to accurately vary the speed of your applications according to demand not only saves energy, it also reduces wear and tear on machinery, resulting in less breakdowns, less maintenance and a longer life.”

Over the years Sentridge has worked  with a diverse range of industries and companies; such as Amtico, BMW, Lafarge, University of Warwick, Peugeot, Massey Ferguson, Dunlop, University of Birmingham plus many more.

Sentridge is inviting you to “Challenge Phil” to survey your applications and provide practical advice to help you save money.

All you need to do is book Phil to carry out a FREE site audit and leave the rest to him. Contact Sentridge today on 024 7655 3303 and start saving tomorrow.