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Sentridge Control are proud members of sben in Staffordshire. Working together to improve your bottom line. With 20 years experience saving clients money and energy, we have the tools to get you started saving tomorrow.

sben Partner

sben’s aim is to increase your businesses competitiveness and profitability while at the same time improving environmental awareness and reducing environmental impacts.

sben Mission statement

To support organisations to achieve long term sustainability and maximise their business opportunities through innovative environmental activity.

What is sben all about

Staffordshire Business & Environment Network (sben) was launched in 1992, providing a membership scheme, entitling members to subsidised and free initiatives from within the sben portfolio.

With Staffordshire County Council providing its support and also acting as secretariat sben has a proven track record and an enviable reputation for quality and customer service.

The Network helps raise business awareness through seminars and enhance skills and knowledge through environmental training and counseling. It also provides practical advice on developing and implementing environmental policies as well as promoting examples of good environmental practice.

If environmental considerations do not affect you today they surely will tomorrow! Supply chain pressure coupled with stakeholder expectations and the continuous stream of European Environmental Legislation will impact on your business.

sben are currently working with and helping local businesses with their ESOS reports highlighting any areas where there are potential savings to be made.

What is ESOS?

ESOS is a new piece of EU legislation which requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’. This means over 7000 of Britain’s biggest companies will be required to comply – with the initial audits to be undertaken by 5th December 2015.


Want to become a member of sben and want to know more

Working with sben Sentridge feel we can give you the edge in the competitive world we operate in. To get more information please contact

Sammy will be delighted to help you start saving tomorrow.

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