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SEAChange Free Energy Audit

SEAChange Free Energy Audit

Take Control today with your FREE Energy Audit.

Sentridge Control  has devised a simple, proven approach to guide you through the energy savings maze. We have many years experience working with Blue Chip Clients such as BMW, Brintons Carpets, Warwick University, Severn Trent Water, British Salt, Lafarge and many others. In conjunction with ABB Drives we have over 25 years successful savings to share with you.

The SEAChange Energy Saving program takes account of the most recent product developments, as well as the latest government legislation ~ see, to ensure you get the greatest benefit from every pound you spend on energy reduction.

Your plan provides a standard project framework with 6 proven stages. And all this at no cost to you.

Energy Audit


EVALUATE: Outlining the scope Sentridge Control’s own ABB-certified engineer will plan together with you a visit to your facility to get an understanding of the environment. You know your process better than anyone. Our experienced application engineers conduct a detailed on site audit with your help in order to determine the range of equipment in use, current operating parameters and energy consumed


DataCollectionMONITOR Using data loggers we will monitor identified applications on your site with you
We monitor and analyse the results and quantify anticipated savings for each application we have surveyed. We will also tell you the ones, which will not work for you.


AnalyseData analysis We analyse the gathered data and you will get estimate of areas of potential savings, payback time if  investments are made, carbon dioxide emission reduction, to name a few. We will share the data with you and identify quick Energy saving wins for your business.

We have done hundreds of applications and installations similar to yours. We will share typical results showing savings and benefits. See just 2 Examples here
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 RecommendRecommendations Sentridge Control will prepare an action plan and give recommendations about where the highest energy savings and best returns on investment can be reached
We make recommendations for you combined into your own executive summary and action plan. We will include dynamic solutions where applicable to maximise your valuable investment.This action plan is easy to read and will identify areas where most savings can be made.



Payback periods are confirmed along with your annual savings and reduction in energy consumption.

For many clients this is measured in tens of thousands of pounds with paybacks as short as 6 months to 2 years.

ImplementImplementation Based on the Energy Appraisal, Sentridge Control identifies the correct drive and motor for the respective application. In many instances, we can help with the installation and commissioning to ensure that the drive and motor is operating at its optimum energy efficiency.



ValidationValidation completes the loop.To justify the investment in drives and electric motors, we can help you track the actual savings against the predictions

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Free Energy Audit

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