2017 – A Year for New Flow Control Innovation

Never ones to rest on our laurels, 2017 was a milestone year for us as we celebrate a new partnership with NIVUS; experts in real-time flow technology.

Glen from Sentridge with David from NIVUSWorking in collaboration with the development team at NIVUS HQ in Germany, our Technical Director Glen Hickman and General Manager Phil Tomkinson have pooled their drive knowledge and expertise to combine ABB drive technology with NIVUS flow control, resulting in a unique solution set to revolutionise any industry where monitoring flow performance is important.

Sentridge and NIVUS have invented a traffic light system which will immediately flag up any issues with the flow. Combining drive technology with flow monitoring allows pumps to work at their most efficient and the real-time data collected by NIVUS means that an accurate picture of pump performance is always available.Know your flow banner

2017 was all about developing and testing this new concept and the results from trial sites at a local water company have surpassed expectations. Energy saving capabilities along with performance monitoring is a win win for anyone running pump applications and payback on investment is proving to be less than 18 months.

To talk to Glen or Phil about making improvements to your pump application, please contact them using our website contact form.