3 Great Reasons to Maintain Your ABB Inverter Drives

A maintenance routine for your ABB drive population helps you avoid the unexpected…

  1. Prevention is better than cure. Regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) will keep the key components within your variable speed Lifecycle clockdrive working efficiently and improve reliability. Changing fans keeps you cool and your drives in great shape.


  1. Manufacturer Recommendations. ABB is a global leader in Inverter Drive technology. Its products are built to last and made to the highest quality specification. However, ABB understand the tough life its drives are exposed to; dusty or dirty environments and continuous running all have an impact, which is why each drive has a specified Preventative Maintenance schedule, advising drive owners what needs to be done and when.


  1. Protecting your uptime. A drive breakdown can have a catastrophic effect on your organisation as it often leads to costly downtime. A regular maintenance routine will ensure your drives are kept in the best possible condition, which will help avoid unexpected breakdowns and unwanted downtime.


Sentridge Control operates a dedicated ABB Drive Service Centre and works with businesses like yours across the Midlands region to help you protect your production. We have an online database where we can register your drive assets and create a bespoke ServicePLAN for you, tailored to your exact requirements.

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