ACQ 580 Training Day with Severn Trent

ACQ580 training 1Our customer support goes beyond simply specifying, supplying, installing and commissioning ABB Variable Speed Drives; we want to ensure that our customers know how to get the best out of their ABB drives once we have left site. Hence, our comprehensive range of training courses which can be tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers and the processes and applications the drives are used to control.

Our most recent training course was for engineers from Severn Trent Water. The water company has a long-standing relationship with ABB drives and appreciates the many benefits a drive brings to its pumping applications. Severn Trent is sector leader in technology and innovation to improve its processes and work as efficiently as possible and as a result has invested in ABB’s latest addition to the Water drive family, the ACQ 580.
ACQ580 training with Chris BillingtonThe ACQ580 has been specifically developed for the water and wastewater industry and has been designed to simplify processes and motor control while ensuring effortless energy efficiency. It’s a robust and compact wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive which has built-in pump application functionalities such as Flux Optimisation, Multipump control, level control, soft pipe fill, dry run protection, and has quick ramps and a solution for keeping the impeller of the pump clean.
The training session, led by our Technical Director Glen Hickman and supported by our Service Engineer Chris Billington, navigated the engineers through the drive’s unique features and related them to the real-time pump applications they are seeing in their everyday work. Our range of test rigs ensured that the session was highly interactive, with everyone getting the opportunity to put what they had learnt into practice. There was great interest in how to test the drive unit on site and what to look for “under the bonnet”

One engineer told us,” I found the course content and the level that Glen pitched it at spot on. The literature provided will be useful from a fault-finding point of view in future. And finally thank you for your hospitality.” (It’s really important to keep our customers well fed and watered!).

Another added, “Thanks for the training. I found it very thorough and informative and the course notes are excellent. It was great to get ‘hands on’ and program up the drive and will be very useful when we see these drives start to appear on site.”

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