Energy Saving – It’s More Than Harry Potter

Phil and Sam at sbenWe like to get involved with as many energy saving initiatives as we can to help us spread the word about the benefits of using an ABB Inverter Drive on your motor or pump applications.
Alongside our Carbon Trust Accreditation, we have also joined the Staffordshire Business and Environmental Network (sben), whose aim it is “to increase your businesses competitiveness and profitability while at the same time improving environmental awareness and reducing environmental impacts.”


bannerAs part of our membership, we were invited to take part in sben’s “The Future for Energy Management” event and run a short presentation on the benefits of using ABB drive technology.


Phil and Sam from our Stoke office took charge and ran a highly informative presentation explaining the science behind the magic of energy saving with ABB drives and why organisations should be examining their use of dampers on applications.
Any application where a damper is not fully open is a contender for energy saving and process improvement – you wouldn’t drive your car with your foot to the floor and control your speed with your handbrake, so why run your machines like this?
Phil wowed the audience with the infamous ABB balloon machine which gives a practical demonstration of the difference a drive can make to reducing energy consumption without compromising on performance. You can watch your own demo on ABB’s You Tube Channel.

sam and phil presenting

The event was an enormous success, and a lot of interest was shown in the energy saving services we provide.
If you missed the event, but would like to talk to us about improving your energy efficiency, then please get in touch.