Introducing ‘Repairs by Chris Billington’

The latest member to the Sentridge team is settling in well. Ex-ABB Drive Service Guru, Chris Billington has been fixing ABB Drives for over 20 years; his ABB Drive Service experience and knowledge is probably the best in the UK and his reputation for delivering a quality service amongst the world of ABB Drives is second to none. He will be a real asset to our business and our customers.
Chris joins us at an exciting time. We have just completed the construction of a dedicated service centre; kitted out to Chris specifications, after all who would want to dispute the master?!

Your ABB drives are a vital part of your business, an asset you depend on every day and one you cannot afford to be without for long. We understand the price you pay for down-time and that’s why we are committed to turning our repairs around as promptly as possible, as Chris explains; Chris Billington ABB Drives Expert
“Most of the breakdowns I see are due to lack of maintenance and so on the whole is it easy to quickly identify the parts which have failed and need replacing.

As an ABB AVP, Authorised Value Provider, we carry the ABB Drives Spare Suitcases to enable to promptly repair or service your  drive assets.”

At Sentridge, we keep a core stock of common parts and we do our utmost to get your drive fixed, load tested and back up and running on your site as soon as possible.

Chris will be working for Sentridge for 3 days a week, which gives him enough spare time to pursue his hobbies of fishing and Crown Green Bowls.

Have you got a question about your ABB Drive? 

Now you can “Ask Chris”! Simply email him your question and he will do want he can to answer it. Over the next few months we will also be publishing regular articles to inform you about ABB Drive parts and how you can maintain them. We will be starting with Fans, then DC Capacitors and ACL Filters.

Want to know about anything else?
You know what you must do – “Ask Chris”