Meet Jimbo, the ABB Elephant

Jimbo the ABB ElephantABB has just released three videos starring Jimbo, the giant 600 Kg elephant, and former racing driver and TV presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson. They really are worth a watch.

Episode 1:ACS880 challenge – Direct Torque Control Test

Is DTC fast enough to catch an Elephant at free fall?

Direct Torque Control is the most sophisticated drive-motor control method. But can it save Mr. Ming-Head, when there is a variable speed drive without any feedback device and only few microseconds to react?

Episode 2:ACS880 challenge – Safety Test

Built-in Functional safety: Smart safety with fewer components

Can the drive keep up when the race driver gets behind the wheel? Let’s put the drive’s safety features to a test in our porcelain shop.

Episode 3:ACS880 challenge – Harsh Environments Test

Variable Speed Drive for harsh conitions, let’s test it

Is the drives’ robust long lifetime design enough to ensure continuous uptime? Well, let’s make a phone call and see how they manage in Sahara, Amazon and Antarctica.

We recommend you take a look!

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