Sentridge Achieves 2nd Year of Carbon Trust Accreditation

carbontrustlogoThere is so much more to energy saving than simply switching to low energy lightbulbs and our 2nd year of accreditation with the Carbon Trust is testament to that.

As a Carbon Trust approved supplier, we have demonstrated that the work we carry out for our customers is making a real impact on reducing the amount of energy they consume. Our work is independently checked and verified and only once we pass the Trust’s stringent criteria, do we receive the stamp of approval from one of the world’s most recognised energy saving organisations.

How do you save energy with Sentridge?

AC MotorIf your company uses electric motors, you could be wasting money unnecessarily through inefficient motor control.

The speeds of motor processes are often controlled through dampers or valves and although this slows them down, the energy use stays constant as the motor still runs at full speed. It’s the equivalent of driving your car with your accelerator foot to the floor and using your handbrake to control the speed; this makes no sense at all and costs you more to run.

We implement ABB Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. Installing a VSD to sit between your power source and your application will mean that the speeds are varied infinitely according to your process requirements. It also means that your energy usage is varied according to use. Installing an ABB VSD will reduce wear and tear on your equipment, reducing your maintenance and extending the reliability of your processes.

We have seen businesses from across a wide variety of sectors save thousands on their energy bills each year. Introducing an ABB VSD will bring you significant costs savings, and payback on your drive investment is usually between 1-2 years.

Sentridge Control has been providing energy solutions to businesses for 30 years. We appreciate it can be hard to believe the potential savings that can be made and so we offer a free no-obligation Energy Audit and set up a trial drive to help you understand the cost and energy saving benefits a Variable Speed Drive will bring to your business.

To book your free Energy Audit, please contact us on 024 7655 3303 or email