What Happens When you Cross World Class VSD Technology with Actual Real-Time Flow Measurement?

EnergySaver_PhoneAppIt sounds like the first line of a very bad joke, however combining the capabilities of drive technology with an innovative flow measuring tool is set to transform waste water pumping stations.

Anyone with the responsibility for maintain pumping facilities understands the challenges faced when it comes to maintaining performance and efficiency; consent levels and EA regulations to adhere to, pump monitoring site visits to plan and resource – all whilst trying to keep things running smoothly.

It is a juggling act, but that is all about to change!

Sentridge Control has been collaborating with flow monitoring experts NIVUS and have pooled our areas of expertise to create a unique integrated solution proven to improve performance and efficiency with the advantage of connecting to your telemetry box.

NIVUS has been developing flow measuring equipment since the 1960’s and their latest innovation uses their patented cross-correlation measuring technique, which takes away the guess work and produces actual real-time data measurement. It is a truly unique system, measuring flow from real-time data readings and not relying on the traditional derived flow method.

Combine this real-time data with ABB inverter drive intelligence and the result is the NIVUFlow Energysaver.

We have been operating this innovative technology on many sites around the UK and the results have been outstanding. During this period, we have worked closely with the water companies and have been able to optimise the product to deliver both process improvement and energy saving outcomes.

If you would like to know more about our unique NIVUFlow Energysaver, please contact us