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ABB OS Switch Fuses

ABB OS Switch Fuses

The switch fuse is used as the main switch in low voltage switchgears in the industry for distributing power and protecting motors, cables and other devices against short circuits and overloads.

From 16 to 1250 Amp, up to 690V.

The standard switch fuses withstand 100 kA fault current and they are available for all types of fuse links, DIN, BS, NFC, UL, CSA.

The range includes single pole to four pole versions, front- or side-operated. The pole module design enables location of the operating mechanism in any position together with the direction of the terminals giving flexibility to installation in different types of cubicle designs.

OS 32…160 A Gamma series switch fuses are defined as switch-disconnector-fuses (according to a switch standard IEC60947-3).

  • A switch-disconnector-fuse is generally referred to as switch fuse
  • A switch-disconnector-fuse is a device that
  • makes and breaks
  • carries current
  • provides isolation and
  • fuse-protection, e.g. for wires or machinery