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ABB Inverter Drives AC Range

ABB Inverter Drives AC Range

Sentridge Control  offer the most comprehensive selection of speed controllers from ABB, one of the world’s largest variable speed drive manufacturer, the range covers both single phase and three phase supply units. From simple to sophisticated, ABB drives and Sentridge Control can offer you total motor control. We have been an ABB partner now for 25 Years.

What is a drive?

There are many variations on offer from ABB Drives

  • Low Harmonic
  • Water Cooled
  • Cabinet Built ACS580-07, ACS880-07
  • Medium Voltage

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Sentridge Control has worked with ABB for over 30 years so we can help you get the very best from your drives investment. Save Energy. Improve process. Improve your bottom line.

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ACS580 Flagship Industry General Drive

ACS580 is the first all-compatible ABB general purpose drive. The drive controls a wide range of applications in different industries.

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ACS880 Industrial Drive with DTC control

The ACS880-01 is part of ABB’s new all Industrial drives portfolio. The drives are compatible with virtually all types of AC motors, automation systems, users and business requirements.

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ABB ACS800 Legacy Industrial Drive

The ABB ACS800 drive family of AC drives offers a wide range of products with common technologies.

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ABB ACS150 Micro Drives

The ABB ACS150 component drives meet the requirements of OEMs, installation companies and panel builders.

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ABB ACS355 Machinery Drive

ABB ACS355 drive has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, yet provide high application flexibility. It offers diverse functionality to cater to the most demanding needs.

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ABB Classic Range Drives

A Drive for every application! These drives have now been removed from main factory production

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