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ABB PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioners (AVC)

ABB PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioners (AVC)

PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner from ABB guarantees your uptime production processes which relies on a constant, regulated electricity supply to keep equipment running smoothly. However, when voltage fluctuations are out of your control, problems can occur. External factors, such as a fault, the weather and network usage can affect your voltage levels and you are powerless to resolve it.

Sentridge Control and ABB’s PCS100 Active Voltage Condition (AVC) can help you take control and vanquish your voltage issues!

ABB’s PCS100 AVC product range will help put you back in the driving seat and take control over your voltage levels. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the PCS100 AVC responds quickly to voltage surges and dips. It also corrects voltage unbalance and removes voltage flicker.

How does it correct voltage levels?

In brief, the PCS100 AVC system contains 2 converters, which sit outside of the power supply from the utility to your sensitive or critical load. When you combine this system with a transformer, it creates an effective solution for voltage correction.

Benefits of the PCS100 AVC system:

  • Removes the need for batteries and associated maintenance costs
  • Ensures an even load supply
  • Highly scalable
  • Available in 2 models, for voltage regulation or sag correction and a range of ratings  from 150kVA to 3MVA

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PCS100AVC-40 Brochure

PCS100-AVC40 Technical Brochure

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