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ABB PQFS Filter Range

ABB PQFS Filter Range

The PQFS is the ABB compact solution for commercial, residential and light industrial applications for installations with or without neutral. Its wall-mount compact design allows it to be installed at any location where only limited space is available. It can also be integrated by panel builders as part of a complete system.

Typical applications include:

  • Offices and other commercial buildings
  • Computer/data centers
  • Residential buildings
  • UPS-systems, lifts and advanced lighting systems
  • Light industrial loads such as remote pumping stations
  • Light railway and metro applications …

The filter is a compact size and with wall-mount enclosure.
Approximate dimensions (W x D x H)   585 x 310 x 700 mm 120kg
ConfigurationFilter line current Unit combinations for PQFS

60 A         PQFS-M06
100 A         PQFS-M10
120 A         PQFS-M06 + S06
180 A        PQFS-M09 + S09
200 A         PQFS-M10 + S10