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HVAC ACH580 Drives

HVAC ACH580 Drives

NEW ABB ACH580 HVAC drives for all applications and Comfort

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system with ABB’s dedicated HVAC drive. Using variable-speed drives is by far the most effective way of controlling pumps and fans in a HVAC system. This is because when the speed is turned down, energy consumption drops dramatically. For instance, running a fan at 80% speed only requires 50% of the energy. Few HVAC systems operate at full capacity, so the scope for energy savings is enormous
Rather than have an electric motor running continuously at full speed, an AC drive allows the user to variably control the motor speed, depending on the demand.


Easy to use – Perfect Control at your fingertips


The range, which comes in IP21 and IP55, is rated from 0.75kw – 250kw. An extensive range of options are built-in as standard: PID loop controllers, variable speed internal fans, a streamlined & embedded HVAC specific menu (including sleep & timed functions) and motor heating capabilities (to prevent a build-up of condensation in your motor).

This “all-compatible architecture” simplifies the operation of the drive, whilst maximising both output & energy efficiency. This makes the ACH580 not just a go-to drive for your heating and ventilation requirements, it also means that the reliability, simplicity and integration make it the perfect option for mission-critical applications in hospitals and data centres – where smooth, uninterrupted operation is vital.

Today’s drives often have numerous HVAC specific macros such as supply fan, return fan, cooling tower, as well as other macros that the user can use for his own programs. All these save   time in setting up the drive.
The intuitive panel can help users start up the drive, maintain it and diagnose faults. An on-board fault history assistant can show the actual time when the fault occurred, speeding up drive repair. The assistant can detect, for example, when there is a dirty filter in the air-handling unit and prompts users to replace the filters. It can even keep track of bearing and drive belt replacement intervals, as well as lubrication intervals for the driven equipment. A realtime clock on board allows total control of your process.

For stand-alone applications where no BMS is installed, drives with a built-in maintenance assistant can be used. This can flag up when maintenance is needed, either at specific times, after a set number of running hours or when equipment is no longer performing as it should.

Another useful function of modern drives is a run-time accumulator, which counts the number of hours a drive passes current to the motor. Used with the timer function, this can also be used to flag up maintenance intervals.

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