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Motors Energy Optimiser

Motors Energy Optimiser

Optimal motors for any MEPS efficiency requirements

ABB Optimizer is an on-line tool that can quickly select the optimal motor for any MEPS worldwide. A handy calculator to compute the cost of ownership of different motors and a fast way to access drawings, test reports and data sheets in the ABB Library.

Optimizer helps you choose a motor from the thousands in ABB’s electronic catalog, splitting the selection process into a series of easy, intuitive steps. Below please find guidelines for the Optimizer use and other related material.
The Optimizer can be used through the web browser on regular PCs or downloaded as an iPad app.

Choosing the optimum motor that meets local MEPS can be very difficult due to differences between regulations in different regions, changes to existing MEPS within regions, and the introduction of MEPS in new countries.

With the Optimizer, searching for the ideal motor simply involves following a series of simple, intuitive steps. The required characteristics are input by selecting options from dropdown lists and then Optimizer displays a shortlist of motors that can be selected for further investigation.

Motors can then be compared in terms of running costs, payback periods, lifecycle savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions. The Optimizer will also, if possible, automatically suggest a higher efficiency motor and highlight the additional savings that could be realized by upgrading. Test reports, drawings, data sheets and other documents can be accessed quickly and easily for the selected motors. Documents can be opened on screen, saved or exported as a zip file.

The Optimizer can be found at It is available as a web browser or as an iPad app. It will initially cover ABB’s standard IEC low voltage motors and motors for explosive atmospheres and will later be expanded to include other motor ranges and additional aspects to calculate the cost of ownership. Planned enhancements include other mobile versions, such as iPhone or Android apps.

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