NivuFlow Energy Saver with VSD’s

NivuFlow Energy Saver ~ Extremely Accurate Real Time Flow Meter + Energy Saving Capabilities

NIVUS has for decades operated in the field of water and wastewater and feels responsible for protecting the environment. With our smart measurement systems we offer carbon savings of up to 80% compared to conventional measurement methods. In collaboration with a major UK water company we have developed a new measurement system with further potential for environmental protection. The NivuFlow EnergySaver helps our customers to save energy and improve pump station and maintenance efficiency with or without variable speed drives.

EnergySaver_PhoneAppIntegrating Flow measurement and the latest VSD technology gives you a solution that will revolutionise how you see things on your pumping stations. You now get a traffic light system showing real time efficiency coupled with Energy Saving benefits of running your pumps continuously at their most efficient point during dry weather conditions. Automatically.



The patented NivuFlow Energy Saver Sensor uses the patented Cross Correlation method enabling highly accurate real time flow measurement. Measurement of local velocities at 16 gates results in a real time flow profile for your best flow measurement. The easy and safe installation of the NIVUS pipe sensors enables quick retrofitting without shutting down your pump station.
Based on real time flow the NivuFlow Energy Saver allows you to realise energy saving potentials with many more benefits for your pump station operators.



Integrated Flow Control System for Continuous Performance Monitoring


Fixed Speed and Variable Speed options


Giving the all important Continuous Pump Performance Monitoring to deliver you the best kWhr/Ml efficiency for your Sewage pumping station. With a unique traffic light system you can select what is the flow levels you need to your EA Consent levels

Many Benefits come as standard

  • Prioritised call out intervention
  • Unique and easy to identify Traffic light system
  • Maximizes efficiency of maintenance operations
  • Saves unnecessary call outs
  • Automatic Storm Control with Variable Speed Drive
  • Minimises Pump Lifts
  • Reduces health & safety/ lone worker risks
  • Anti-Jamming Function
  • Reduces Carbon miles

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