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NIVUS POA Correlation Pipe Sensor

NIVUS POA Correlation Pipe Sensor

POA flow velocity sensors are suitable for continuous measurement of slight to heavily polluted media.

The pipe-shaped sensors are designed for installation in pipes from the outside using a nozzle. Combined with transmitter types such as NivuFlow 750 and an external level measurement the result is a complete flow measurement system.

Exactly what is Cross correlation?

  • For high-accurate flow measurement by means of ultrasonic cross correlation method
  • Interference-free connection over long distances through digital signal transmission
  • Cables can be extended without any problems using standard cables
  • Absolutely stable zero point and drift-free
  • Measurement in heavily polluted and abrasive media
  • Easy installation without additional constructions and perfectly matched mounting accessories
  • Installation under process conditions possible
  • Suitable for all channel cross sections


Typical applications for POA pipe sensors

  • Industrial wastewater networks
  • Stormwater treatment plants: flow measurements and control of the discharge to the WWTP
  • Wastewater treatment plants: intake, discharge, activated sludge tank intakes, return sludge,
  • Recirculation, surplus sludge, digester discharge and flocculant dosage
  • Direct discharge control, infiltration (extraneous water) or leakage detection

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