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SynRM, Synchronous Reluctance Motor-Drive Packages

SynRM, Synchronous Reluctance Motor-Drive Packages

Synchronous Reluctance Motor and Drive Packages. ABB SynRM.

Get the best of two worlds. Advantages of permanent magnet technology combined with simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction motor. ABB combines conventional, proven stator technology and innovative magnet free rotor design together with best in class industrial drive and advanced software into a complete solution.

The innovative new rotor design virtually eliminates rotor losses. In the high output motors this advantage is used to increase power density. Above, for example, is a traditional induction motor, 45 kW, 3000 rpm (left) next to the equivalent high output SynRM motor, 45 kW, 3000 rpm (right).

  • Motors meet IE4 efficiency levels according to IEC 60034-30-1 Ed 1.0.
  • Unprecedented reliability through very low winding and bearing temperatures.
  • Can replace standard induction motors. Same power, size combinations.
  • Variant codes and mechanical construction based on the proven M3BP cast iron process
  • Performance motors
  • Conventional yet innovative.
  • Same parts, easy to source and change. No magnets, no cage – you cannot break what isn’t there.
  • Service procedures comparable to induction motors – easy to maintain.

ABB Motors: SynRM Technical Catalogue

We have seen some amazing real-life improvements in performance on numerous occasions

  • 70% reduction in Audible noise
  • 50% reduction in temperature of Motor
  • 5-15% Energy reduction

It’s the perfect package!

The IE4 SynRM packages combine matched motor, ACS880 and ACQ drive and latest software.

Energy losses reduced by up to 40 percent compared to IE2 efficiency class.

The IE class indicates only motor efficiency with a sinusoidal supply at nominal speed and power. This information is not relevant when calculating energy consumption in variable speed applications. Accurate calculations demand efficiency data for the whole motor-drive package and for the entire speed range

Now – for the first time in the industry – this data will be available for SynRM packages.

  • Drive type:  ABB ACQ Water Drive, ACS880 Industry  with SynRM software
  • Motor types: Cast iron frame sizes 160 to 315, M3BL
  • Output power: 11 to 315 kW,
  • Efficiency level: meets or exceeds IE4 induction motors’ efficiency in VSD supply
  • Nom Speed: 1000, 1500 and 3000 r/min
  • Network: Up to 500V Protection: IP55 Supply voltage: 3-phase 380 V to 500 V
  • Supply frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz
  • Motor control: ABB’s Direct Torque Control
  • Output power: 0.37 to 500 kW Protection: IP 20

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