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Reactive Charges and How to eliminate them

Reactive Charges and How to eliminate them

Reactive Charges on your Electricity Bills can be eliminated by introducing ABB Power Factor Correction equipment

We will use our EMAP process to deliver these savings for you.

If you can raise your facilities Power Factor above 95% you will reduce and possibly eliminate your existing Reactive Power Charges.

What is Reactive Power? What are you paying for?

Raising the Power Factor also reduces the amount of energy used and increase the capacity of your system, reduces the amount of lost energy and lowers equipment costs.

A low Power Factor leads to Voltage drop as well as power losses in your distribution system. Excessive voltage drops can cause overheating and premature failure of motors, cables and other equipment. An improved Power Factor minimises voltage fluctuations.

Improved Power Factors also reduce the amount of electricity the grid loses, substantially reducing the carbon emissions released to the atmosphere.

The Higher the Power Factor, the Lower the reactive Charges

Ways to improve Power Factor

  • Add capacitors to your system to decrease the amount of reactive power, thus increasing the Power Factor
  • Turn off motors and transformers when not needed
  • Shut off induction equipment during peak periods when possible
  • Avoid operating Equipment above its rated  voltage and equipment that is not fully loaded

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