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SentridgeAVPSentridge Control are authorised service partners working within a global network of Repair Workshops and a large team of Field Service Specialists.  ABB has an enviable reputation for drives service and believe in managing a drive product or system throughout its life, and expect to be able to provide our customers with a lifecycle model which allows them to predict when maintenance is required, and when products may eventually become obsolete. This allows you to have your own tailored Service Plans to ensure the best possible plant availability.

 Workshop Repair and Service Centre

ServiceCentreFull inspection and Triage report

Thorough Cleaning before repair

Replacement of failed component using only ABB OEM genuine parts

Functional and load testing following repair

1 year warranty for the whole unit

On Line registration for you


Life Cycle Assessment gives you powerful knowledge to determine exactly where your business infrastructure stands,

now and in the future. Service that puts you in the know

LifeInspections of your drives assets general condition and criticality

  • Life cycle status of each drive identified by ageRecommendation for required Preventative Maintenance Now and in the Future

    Recommendations for migration paths, upgrades and replacements




ServicePlan Sentridge Control offer services for all ABB drives based on the ABB drive lifecycle management model. With complete lifecycle support and your own Tailored Service Plan you will always be in control of your valuable assets.

ABB Drives have a Service regime like our cars. Our Service Plan programme takes care of this and Date Stamps your maintenance on line for you. Regular maintenance will keep your Drives Cool and Clean, and extend the life of your investment.

Your Drive ServiceOptions give you a wide choice wherever you are in the LifeCycle of the drive

  •         Drive Registration starts your plan
  •         Maintenance and Tailored Service Plan
  •         Repairs and genuine ABB Spares and consumables
  •         Service Exchange Options
  •         Drive Hire to keep you working
  •         Upgrades and End of life services

Quick responses made easy with ABB Drives Spares Suitcases


Genuine Spare parts from ABB

Using genuine spare parts lets your drive operate as planned, leading to trouble-free operation of your plant or process.

One year warranty -
ABB provides a one year warranty for individual spare parts and spare part kits.

Available 24/7 – We carry ABB Suitcases locally which allows efficient delivery of spare parts wherever you need them.

AVP Engineer

Suitcases come with ABB trained engineer to guarantee your production continues smoothly

For more information on your Drive ServiceOptions, please contact us.