Shutdown Planned?

Unscheduled downtime is an unwanted overhead and one we all want to avoid, but a planned shutdown can provide the perfect opportunity to carry out maintenance and get your applications ready for the work to come. If you are running inverter drives across your applications, it is important to keep them well maintained to improve… Read more »

New man Liam enjoys life on the road

 Good to see our new apprentice Liam enjoys life on the road. Helping install a 250kW hire unit to prove massive energy saving possibilities. Happy Client. Happy Apprentice.

2017 – A Year to Be Recognised for Our Energy Saving Solutions

2017 has been one of our busiest years to date, and although our service and product offering has grown, we have never lost sight of what has always been the mainstay of our business; to save you energy and help you improve your plant processes. The results speak for themselves in terms of the benefits… Read more »

2017 – A Year for New Flow Control Innovation

Never ones to rest on our laurels, 2017 was a milestone year for us as we celebrate a new partnership with NIVUS; experts in real-time flow technology. Working in collaboration with the development team at NIVUS HQ in Germany, our Technical Director Glen Hickman and General Manager Phil Tomkinson have pooled their drive knowledge and… Read more »

2017 – A Year for Growth as the Team Expands

Our team has grown over the past 12 months with 4 people joining us in various roles. In January last year we welcomed renowned ABB Drive Black-Belt, Chris Billington. What Chris doesn’t know about inverter drives is not worth knowing! He has helped us set up our dedicated Drive Service Centre and is kept busy repairing… Read more »

Great news for 2018. Apprentice starts new career.

We are delighted to welcome Liam Pearsall as our new starter apprentice for 2018. A keen sportsman with a positive attitude, we are looking forward to working with him and becoming a valuable member of our team. Ask us about Liam’s relationship with the Titanic

Bespoke ABB ACQ580 Training for MCS Control Systems

Drive training is a crucial element of the ABB Drive services we provide. Knowing how to correctly programme and maintain your variable speed drive is key to optimising performance and efficiency and extending your drive’s lifecycle. Last week we visited our friends at MCS Control Systems to deliver hands on training to their engineers on… Read more »

Simon Broersen, ABB Service, flies in from Europe to visit Sentridge Control

We were delighted to welcome Simon Broersen, Area Sales Manager, Drives Service CEU at ABB, this week to discuss our recent investment in ABB Drives service centre at Sentridge Control. Simon discussed his new role in ABB Service “We aim to support the huge installed ABB drives customer base, by offering added value to their… Read more »

ABB Service Management Visit Sentridge Service Centre

  We were delighted to welcome Managers from ABB Service Team at Sentridge today. Lizz Roberts, Andy Pearson and Nathan Morgan joined us to see our new service workshop facilities which include fill load testing and repair facilities. Chris Billington welcomed his former colleagues. We discussed the scope of drives we have serviced and repaired… Read more »