“The biggest benefit from working with Sentridge Control, is the 6 percent reduction in energy. While being one of the most efficient companies in the industry, our electricity bill is more than £9 million per year and rising through increases in wholesale energy prices. Pumping water accounts for some 90 percent of this spend as we have the highest pumping head of any UK water utility because of the hilly terrain within our catchment area. So a 6 percent reduction on one pump in a system that was already very efficient is massive news for us. Electric motors are used to provide the power to turn the pumps that provide water to our homes and when 90% of your energy costs down to this one simple device it is clearly and area for potential improvement. Including the UK government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs), we estimate the return on investment to be between five to six years. Given that the existing drive and motor were already fairly efficient and therefore squeezing more savings was always going to be difficult, then this is a very acceptable return.”

Keith Marshall, Supply Director at South Staffs Water


“ABB and Sentridge Control have given us the back up that we required. There are many pan-European suppliers out there. But what we really need is local support; we need engineers within our area; we need accessible spares within our area; and we need these 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is the most critical and deciding factor for us – without the ability to support us locally then we really are not interested.”

Ian Conway, Midland Quarry Products